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The best recommendation will be given to satisfied users. So if you know someone who bought the curtains almost, then you are consulting with him and visiting a certain action. Also visit those activities that involve curtain sewing. This may well be the best option for several reasons. Such actions do not charge sewing, but only material. That means you choose the design, material and length. With the good motorised blinds you can also find the ease of mind.

Curtains must fit into the interior

  • Wrong shopping is also when you buy perfect curtains, perfect materials, and great prices, but their appearance does not fit into the entire space. That’s why buying a curtain is a very sensitive issue. Before you buy, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Think about how the curtain color and its design fit into your interior. You do not even want the curtain to break or to break. Particularly important are these decisions when renovating an apartment or some other space.
  • You have to keep in mind that the living room should choose curtains of lighter colors and not so heavy and bulky. The dayroom requires light, and you certainly do not want it to “kill” too dark curtains. Pay attention to the curtains in the kitchen, as they cannot be of the same type as curtains in the rooms. You should adjust the type of curtain to the conditions in the kitchen.

The best curtain is not the one that looks best or is the most expensive. The best curtain is the quality that lasts, but also makes your space look much better.

The Complications of jaundice:

Jaundice, also known as hyperbilirubinemia, causes a yellowish substance and is seen as a skin yellow and whitish in newborns, especially during the first week of life. As the liver destroys excessive cells, so begins to produce a yellow pigment, bilirubin. Since an immature newborn liver cannot release bilirubin so quickly, excessive yellow pigment accumulates in whiteheads and newborn babies.

This type of jaundice is called a physiological jaundice, because it is part of the normal body process. When the baby’s bilirubin elimination system is matured and when the number of excess red blood cells is reduced, the jaw is withdrawn – usually within the first or second week – and the baby leaves no consequences. Jelly is more common in midwives who are less able to cope with excessive bilirubin. With the good at  jaundice home treatment you can have the proper solutions.

In some situations, such as the incompatibility of the blood group of mothers and babies, the jaundice may be the result of a problem that goes beyond normal overexpression of excess red blood cells. In rare circumstances, the level of bilirubin can increase so much that baby’s brain can be damaged. Therefore, if medical staff suspects that the baby’s yellow color is more than normal physiological jaundice, the level of bilirubin will be carefully controlled through a blood sample.

Public catering companies are classified according to the nature of production, the range of products, the volume and types of services provided. Depending on the nature of production, public catering enterprises are divided into procurement, pre-production and full-cycle enterprises.

The group of procurement enterprises includes enterprises that manufacture semi-finished products and ready-made products for supplying them to other enterprises: prefabricated factories, semi-finished products, specialized procurement shops, specialized culinary and confectionery shops. Prefabricated include enterprises that manufacture products from semi-finished products obtained from procurement enterprises of public catering and food industry enterprises. These include: dining-preparing, dining-distributing, dining cars, etc. With the best corporate catering services you will be having the best options now.

Enterprises with a full cycle of production process raw materials, produce semi-finished products and finished products, and then implement it themselves. These enterprises include large catering enterprises – food factories, restaurants, as well as all enterprises working on raw materials.

Depending on the range of products

Public catering enterprises are divided into universal and specialized. Universal enterprises produce a variety of dishes from different types of raw materials. Specialized enterprises produce and sell products from a certain type of raw materials – cafe-dairy, cafe-confectionery; fish restaurants and restaurants; carry out the production of homogeneous products – restaurants, cafes with national cuisine, diet canteens.

Depending on the aggregate of individual characteristics, characterizing the quality and volume of services provided, the level and quality of service, catering enterprises of a certain type are divided into classes. They are divided into restaurants and bars: luxury, the highest and the first. Classification of enterprises “must meet the following criteria:

  • luxury – exquisite interior, high level of comfort, a wide range of services, an assortment of original, exquisite custom and specialties, products for restaurants, a wide choice of custom and branded drinks, cocktails for bars;
  • the highest – the originality of the interior, the comfort of services at the proper level, a diverse range of original, exquisite custom and specialties and products – for restaurants, a wide range of custom and branded drinks and cocktails – for bars;
  • the first one – harmony, comfort and choice of services, a diverse range of custom and specialty dishes and complex preparations – for restaurants, a set of drinks, simple cocktails, including custom and branded ones for bars.

Depending on the time of operation, public catering enterprises can be permanently operating and seasonal. Seasonal enterprises operate not all year, but in the spring-summer period.

A large number of such enterprises are opened in places of recreation. Stationary enterprises work all year round irrespective of the season, but in the spring-summer period they can increase the number of places in the open air.


When you just start with photographers, a lot is coming at you; equipment, composition, post-processing and much more. In this article a dozen tips are there for all novice photographers to help you on your way to becoming a better photographer.

  1. Equipment is not important

Many photographers, whether they start or not, often think that a new lens or a new camera body will enable them to take better pictures. The equipment, with which you photograph, however, is only a small part of photography and will therefore only have a small influence on the end result.

Of course there are best subjects or techniques that you can perform better with certain equipment. A good photographer can take beautiful pictures with each camera. A bad photographer cannot make a nice picture with thousands of euros of equipment. So focus primarily on your photography and only then look at which equipment can best help you improve yourself in this. In iran stars photography you will find all of them perfectly now.

If you cannot let it look at the equipment, remember that your camera body is less important than your lenses. The right lenses do more for your photo than a more expensive camera can do. morans restaurant

  1. Do not be overwhelmed by technology

What applies to equipment is also true for the technique behind photography. You do not have to be fully familiar with the ins and outs of shutter speed, aperture, iso and white balance to take beautiful pictures.

You learn this best by experiencing it step by step. Do not look at the technology that comes with it, but remember which institution you need for which effect. Try different settings in the same situation. Once you know what happens in practice, it is not difficult to learn the theory behind.

Instead of delving into aperture numbers, you can also remember that with a lower number (for example f / 2.8) you need less light to take a sharp picture and that your background is easily out of focus. With a higher number you need a lot of light and almost everything in the photo is sharp. For your light sensitivity you can remember that a higher ISO value (eg ISO 1600) ensures less shaky photos in low light, but causes noise in your photo.

Although there are enough exceptions to come up with on this basis, you can come a long way with this kind of basic knowledge. Gradually you discover what exceptions are and what can reinforce certain things. Do not worry about the technology!

  1. Good composition does not have to be difficult

For most photos, composition is much more important than the technology behind it. Whichever setting you use (if necessary, leave your camera on the machine), your picture becomes a lot more interesting by the right composition.

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