When you just start with photographers, a lot is coming at you; equipment, composition, post-processing and much more. In this article a dozen tips are there for all novice photographers to help you on your way to becoming a better photographer.

  1. Equipment is not important

Many photographers, whether they start or not, often think that a new lens or a new camera body will enable them to take better pictures. The equipment, with which you photograph, however, is only a small part of photography and will therefore only have a small influence on the end result.

Of course there are best subjects or techniques that you can perform better with certain equipment. A good photographer can take beautiful pictures with each camera. A bad photographer cannot make a nice picture with thousands of euros of equipment. So focus primarily on your photography and only then look at which equipment can best help you improve yourself in this. In iran stars photography you will find all of them perfectly now.

If you cannot let it look at the equipment, remember that your camera body is less important than your lenses. The right lenses do more for your photo than a more expensive camera can do. morans restaurant

  1. Do not be overwhelmed by technology

What applies to equipment is also true for the technique behind photography. You do not have to be fully familiar with the ins and outs of shutter speed, aperture, iso and white balance to take beautiful pictures.

You learn this best by experiencing it step by step. Do not look at the technology that comes with it, but remember which institution you need for which effect. Try different settings in the same situation. Once you know what happens in practice, it is not difficult to learn the theory behind.

Instead of delving into aperture numbers, you can also remember that with a lower number (for example f / 2.8) you need less light to take a sharp picture and that your background is easily out of focus. With a higher number you need a lot of light and almost everything in the photo is sharp. For your light sensitivity you can remember that a higher ISO value (eg ISO 1600) ensures less shaky photos in low light, but causes noise in your photo.

Although there are enough exceptions to come up with on this basis, you can come a long way with this kind of basic knowledge. Gradually you discover what exceptions are and what can reinforce certain things. Do not worry about the technology!

  1. Good composition does not have to be difficult

For most photos, composition is much more important than the technology behind it. Whichever setting you use (if necessary, leave your camera on the machine), your picture becomes a lot more interesting by the right composition.

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