Public catering companies are classified according to the nature of production, the range of products, the volume and types of services provided. Depending on the nature of production, public catering enterprises are divided into procurement, pre-production and full-cycle enterprises.

The group of procurement enterprises includes enterprises that manufacture semi-finished products and ready-made products for supplying them to other enterprises: prefabricated factories, semi-finished products, specialized procurement shops, specialized culinary and confectionery shops. Prefabricated include enterprises that manufacture products from semi-finished products obtained from procurement enterprises of public catering and food industry enterprises. These include: dining-preparing, dining-distributing, dining cars, etc. With the best corporate catering services you will be having the best options now.

Enterprises with a full cycle of production process raw materials, produce semi-finished products and finished products, and then implement it themselves. These enterprises include large catering enterprises – food factories, restaurants, as well as all enterprises working on raw materials.

Depending on the range of products

Public catering enterprises are divided into universal and specialized. Universal enterprises produce a variety of dishes from different types of raw materials. Specialized enterprises produce and sell products from a certain type of raw materials – cafe-dairy, cafe-confectionery; fish restaurants and restaurants; carry out the production of homogeneous products – restaurants, cafes with national cuisine, diet canteens.

Depending on the aggregate of individual characteristics, characterizing the quality and volume of services provided, the level and quality of service, catering enterprises of a certain type are divided into classes. They are divided into restaurants and bars: luxury, the highest and the first. Classification of enterprises “must meet the following criteria:

  • luxury – exquisite interior, high level of comfort, a wide range of services, an assortment of original, exquisite custom and specialties, products for restaurants, a wide choice of custom and branded drinks, cocktails for bars;
  • the highest – the originality of the interior, the comfort of services at the proper level, a diverse range of original, exquisite custom and specialties and products – for restaurants, a wide range of custom and branded drinks and cocktails – for bars;
  • the first one – harmony, comfort and choice of services, a diverse range of custom and specialty dishes and complex preparations – for restaurants, a set of drinks, simple cocktails, including custom and branded ones for bars.

Depending on the time of operation, public catering enterprises can be permanently operating and seasonal. Seasonal enterprises operate not all year, but in the spring-summer period.

A large number of such enterprises are opened in places of recreation. Stationary enterprises work all year round irrespective of the season, but in the spring-summer period they can increase the number of places in the open air.


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